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25/04/2017 11:56

Turkish strikes kill Kurdish fighters in Syria, Iraq


Turkish warplanes killed more than two dozen Kurdish fighters Tuesday in strikes in Syria and Iraq, where the Kurds are key players in the battle against the Islamic State group.

24/04/2017 21:37

US blacklists 271 Syrian chemists, other experts over sarin attack


The US government put 271 Syrian chemists and other officials on its financial blacklist Monday, punishing them for their presumed role in the deadly chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town in early April.

24/04/2017 19:21

Syria's Tabqa: a strategic prize


Syria's Tabqa, which US-backed forces entered Monday, is doubly strategic: it lies on the road to the Islamic State group's Raqa bastion and the nearby dam is the country's largest.

24/04/2017 19:17

US-backed forces enter major jihadist-held Syria town


A US-backed alliance of Arab-Kurdish forces entered the key jihadist-held town of Tabqa on Monday as they pursued their campaign against the Islamic State group in northern Syria.

24/04/2017 15:10

Del Grande dopo la liberazione: ancora non so perché mi hanno fermato

E' ancora tutta da chiarire la motivazione per cui il giornalista italiano Gabriele Del Grande è stato fermato e trattenuto in un centro di detenzione per 14 giorni in Turchia

24/04/2017 09:09

Gabriele Del Grande è stato liberato. L'annuncio a sopresa di Alfano

Dopo 14 giorni di prigionia in un centro di detenzione in Turchia, Gabriele Del Grande è libero. Ad annunciarlo è stato il ministro degli Esteri italiano Angelino Alfano

24/04/2017 08:06

Italian reporter freed in Turkey


An Italian journalist arrested in Turkey while researching refugees near the Syrian border has been freed after two weeks in detention, Italy's foreign ministry said Monday.

24/04/2017 04:31

From aspiring stylist to jihadist widow: one woman's Syria story


Islam Maytat thought marrying an Afghan-British businessman was her ticket to a new life as a fashionista in London. Instead she became a widow living under jihadist rule in Syria.

23/04/2017 07:56

Israeli attack on Syria military camp kills three


An Israeli attack on a Syrian training camp near the Golan Heights killed three members of a pro-government militia on Sunday, an official from the forces said.

22/04/2017 08:04

Pentagon chief warns Syria against using chemical weapons


US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said in Israel on Friday that there can be «no doubt» Syria has retained some chemical weapons and warned President Bashar al-Assad's regime not to use them.

22/04/2017 07:56

Canada sets new sanctions against Syria after chemical attack


Canada announced new sanctions against Syria on Friday targeting officials and entities linked to the use of chemical weapons.

22/04/2017 07:46

«Assad blames ex Al-Qaeda affiliate for bombing evacuees»


Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad on Friday blamed the country's former Al-Qaeda affiliate for a deadly bombing against buses carrying evacuees outside Aleppo at the weekend.

22/04/2017 05:05

«No doubt» Syria has retained chemical weapons: Mattis


Pentagon chief Jim Mattis said during a visit to Israel Friday that there can be «no doubt» that Syria has retained some chemical weapons and warned President Bashar al-Assad's regime not to use them.

22/04/2017 02:31

Russian FM presses US's Tillerson over Syria probe


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov voiced «regret» in a phone call with his US counterpart at Washington's opposition to a Moscow-backed plan to investigate an alleged chemical attack in Syria.

22/04/2017 00:54

Syria evacuees on move again after 48-hour delay: monitor


Hundreds of frightened Syrian evacuees were on the move again Friday after being blocked for 48 hours at a transit point where a bomber killed dozens of their fellow townspeople, a monitor said.

21/04/2017 19:21

Israel targets Syria positions after Golan mortar fire


Israel's army said Friday it had targeted positions inside Syria in retaliation for mortar fire that hit the northern part of the Golan Heights.

21/04/2017 14:43

Mattis in Israele: senza dubbio Assad ha conservato armi chimiche

Il ministro della Difesa statunitense James Mattis, nel corso di una visita in Israele, ha dichiarato che senza alcun dubbio il regime siriano di Bashar al-Assad ha conservato la capacità di utilizzare armi chimiche

21/04/2017 12:13

Incontro Trump-Gentiloni, tutto quello che c'è da sapere

Il presidente Usa Donald Trump ha ricevuto il premier italiano Paolo Gentiloni a Washington. Durante l'incontro, è giunta la notizia dell'attacco terroristico a Parigi. Ma sul tavolo anche altri dossier: dalla Siria alla Libia passando per l'Afghanistan

21/04/2017 01:31

Watchdog rejects Russian bid for new Syria attack probe


The global chemical arms watchdog Thursday «overwhelmingly» rejected a Russian-Iranian move to launch a new investigation into a suspected chemical attack in Syria, delegates said, backing the probe already underway.

21/04/2017 00:49

UN, Russia set for Syria meet without US


The UN's Syria envoy said Thursday that he will hold talks with Russian officials next week but without the US present after previous plans for a trilateral meeting were «postponed».

20/04/2017 13:24

«Libertà per Gabriele Del Grande»: manifestazione davanti al Comune oggi alle 18.00

E' organizzata per oggi alle 18.00 una manifestazione di fronte al Comune di Torino per richiedere la liberazione del giornalista italiano detenuto in Turchia

20/04/2017 10:06

Syria evacuations resume after deadly bombing


The evacuation of civilians and fighters from besieged Syrian towns resumed on Wednesday after a weekend bombing at a transit point killed 126 people, 68 of them children, an AFP correspondent reported.

20/04/2017 03:23

France says will «prove» Damascus behind Syria «chemical attack»


France will produce proof «in a few days» that the regime of Bashar al-Assad launched a chemical strike on a Syrian village that killed 87 people earlier this month, Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said Wednesday.

20/04/2017 03:16

«Incontrovertible» sarin gas used in Syria: watchdog


The head of a global arms watchdog said Wednesday that «incontrovertible» test results from an alleged chemical strike in Syria showed sarin gas or a similar substance had been used.

20/04/2017 01:41

Bomb in Syria's Aleppo kills six, injures more than 30: state TV


A bomb killed six people and wounded more than 30 in Syria's second city Aleppo on Wednesday, state television reported, without giving the reason for the blast.

19/04/2017 18:21

Afghanistan, sugli effetti collaterali della «super-bomba» di Trump nessuno sa e nessuno chiede

La versione ufficiale è che non ci siano state vittime civili, oltre ai 99 jihadisti uccisi; ma l'area è off limits a militari afghani e giornalisti. E non si sa come sia stato possibile identificare gli uccisi, una volta dilaniati dagli effetti della bomba

19/04/2017 11:20

Siria, Mosca: dopo 2 settimane, ancora nessuna indagine su attacco chimico

Il rappresentante ufficiale del Ministero della Difesa russo, il generale Igor Konashenkov, lancia un'invettiva contro l'Ovest, nonchè l'ombra del dubbio su quanto dalle tv di mezzo mondo è stato definito un 'attacco chimico' in Siria

19/04/2017 11:20

Siria, l'ira della Russia: nessuna indagine sull'attacco chimico dopo 2 settimane

Il rappresentante ufficiale del Ministero della Difesa russo, il generale Igor Konashenkov, lancia un'invettiva contro l'Ovest, nonchè l'ombra del dubbio su quanto dalle tv di mezzo mondo è stato definito un 'attacco chimico' in Siria

19/04/2017 09:03

Turchia, Trump si congratula con Erdogan per la vittoria al referendum

Il presidente degli Stati uniti Donald Trump si è congratulato con il suo omologo turco Recep Tayyip Erdogan per la sua vittoria al referendum di domenica sulla riforma costituzionale in Turchia

19/04/2017 01:01

US failed to protect civilians in Syria mosque strike: HRW


The US military failed to take «necessary precautions» to prevent civilians deaths in a strike on a Syrian mosque last month that killed dozens of people, Human Rights Watch said Tuesday.

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