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24/04/2017 18:43

Trump telefona alla Stazione Spaziale Internazionale e risponde l'astronauta dei record

Il presidente americano Donald Trump ha telefonato nello spazio per congratularsi con Peggy Whitson che ha trascorso 535 giorni in orbita

23/04/2017 16:39

Vince Trump, e dal comunicato finale dell'FMI scompare la parola «protezionismo»

Un cambiamento significativo se pensiamo che, ancora a ottobre scorso, l'IMFC aveva affermato ancora una volta esplicitamente che il «protezionismo» costituiva una minaccia per la crescita globale.

23/04/2017 14:40

Trump salutes NFL champs at the White House

Absent for family reasons Tom Brady's quarterback and superstar. At the ceremony there were no other six companions among them, some have stated that their absence is due to Trump.

22/04/2017 21:06

IMF warns against protectionism, but strikes word from statement


With fears rising that the Trump administration will follow through on its threats to raise trade barriers, world finance ministers are united on one message: protectionism threatens the global economy.

22/04/2017 12:56

US supercarrier due in Sea of Japan «in days»: Pence


The US supercarrier Carl Vinson will arrive in the Sea of Japan in days, Vice President Mike Pence said Saturday, after days of mixed messages from Washington over the warship's whereabouts.

22/04/2017 12:26

«Assault on facts» energizes global March for Science


Scientists and their supporters across the globe are expected to march in the thousands Saturday amid growing anxiety over what many see as a mounting political assault on facts and evidence.

22/04/2017 08:04

Pentagon chief warns Syria against using chemical weapons


US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said in Israel on Friday that there can be «no doubt» Syria has retained some chemical weapons and warned President Bashar al-Assad's regime not to use them.

22/04/2017 07:49

Iran FM mocks US claims it is violating nuclear deal


Iran's foreign minister mocked US President Donald Trump's claim Tehran was «not living up to the spirit» of the nuclear deal on Friday, saying Washington was flouting the accord.

22/04/2017 07:12

Trump: Iran not «living up to spirit» of nuclear deal


Iran is «not living up to the spirit» of the nuclear deal struck with world powers, US President Donald Trump said Thursday, warning America would set out its position on that soon.

22/04/2017 07:03

US Treasury's Mnuchin: US growth good for global economy


The Trump administration's priority is boosting US growth through tax cuts and an overhaul of regulations, and a growing American economy will be good for the world, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Thursday.

22/04/2017 06:51

New actor Trump heightens North Korea drama: analysts


Geopolitical tensions flare every spring on the Korean peninsula, but analysts say the anxiety of recent weeks has been magnified by the unpredictable new player in the annual drama: Donald Trump.

22/04/2017 05:05

«No doubt» Syria has retained chemical weapons: Mattis


Pentagon chief Jim Mattis said during a visit to Israel Friday that there can be «no doubt» that Syria has retained some chemical weapons and warned President Bashar al-Assad's regime not to use them.

22/04/2017 04:51

US to honour «dumb» refugee deal with Australia: Pence


The US will honour a controversial agreement with Australia to take refugees from Pacific island detention centres, Vice President Mike Pence said Saturday -- a deal Donald Trump had previously branded «dumb».

22/04/2017 02:31

Russian FM presses US's Tillerson over Syria probe


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov voiced «regret» in a phone call with his US counterpart at Washington's opposition to a Moscow-backed plan to investigate an alleged chemical attack in Syria.

22/04/2017 00:28

I campioni dei Patriots da Trump, senza Brady e altri 6 compagni

Assente per motivi familiari il quarterback e superstar della squadra Tom Brady. Alla cerimonia non hanno partecipato altri sei compagni tra questi, alcuni hanno specificato che la loro assenza è dovuta a Trump.

21/04/2017 19:35

Proposed cuts in US climate science reverberate worldwide


The gutting of US-funded climate science would cripple research agendas worldwide and hamper the global fight against climate change, say scientists outside the United States, some of whom will take to the streets Saturday to make that point.

21/04/2017 19:05

Consensus in G20 that protectionism «damaging» for global economy


The Group of 20 major economies have reached a «broad consensus» that a continued rise in protectionism would be damaging to the global economy, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said Friday.

21/04/2017 12:33

Trump invokes national security to probe US steel imports


President Donald Trump on Thursday invoked national security to order a probe into US steel imports -- a move that risks trade blowback from steel-making...

21/04/2017 12:02

Civil war flick set in Trump's US set for Cannes film festival


A tongue-in-cheek action movie about a Trump-era civil war between redneck Texans and East Coast liberals will feature in the Director's Fortnight sidebar at next month's Cannes film festival, organisers said Thursday.

21/04/2017 06:52

Key US jobless benefits level hits 17-year low


New claims for US jobless benefits rose slightly in mid-April but the total number of people seeking unemployment insurance hit a 17-year low, the Labor Department reported Thursday.

21/04/2017 06:23

Next South Korea leader to rein in Trump over North: analysts


When South Korea fills a presidential vacuum next month, analysts say the first order of business for its new leader will be to tame Donald Trump's aggressive approach towards the nuclear-armed North.

21/04/2017 05:55

Tech firms urge court to toss Trump travel ban


Scores of technology firms including Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft joined a legal filing urging a judge to toss out President Donald Trump's latest travel ban.

21/04/2017 02:17

US urges UN to focus on «chief culprit» Iran


The United States on Thursday urged the UN Security Council to make Iran's «incredibly destructive» activities its Middle East priority and devote less attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

21/04/2017 01:45

Pentagon chief pledges support for Egypt's Sisi


US Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis met Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and top brass in Cairo on Thursday, pledging support for the American ally on his first regional tour.

21/04/2017 01:39

Iran FM slams «worn-out» US nuclear accusations


Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Thursday criticised «worn-out» US accusations that it was seeking a nuclear weapon to threaten the region and the world.

21/04/2017 00:49

UN, Russia set for Syria meet without US


The UN's Syria envoy said Thursday that he will hold talks with Russian officials next week but without the US present after previous plans for a trilateral meeting were «postponed».

20/04/2017 12:46

US tries to clear waters after North Korea «armada» confusion


The Trump administration on Wednesday tried to clear the waters after it gave confusing messages concerning the whereabouts of a US supercarrier that supposedly was steaming toward North Korea last week.

20/04/2017 12:17

Moderate rise in US economy, but job shortages spread: Fed


The US economy has continued to expand with only modest price increases, but companies are increasingly complaining of trouble finding workers, including for low-skill jobs, the Federal Reserve said Wednesday.

20/04/2017 11:12

US wants «strong» Saudi Arabia: Mattis


The United States wants to see a strong Saudi Arabia, Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said during talks Wednesday aimed at reinvigorating the Riyadh-Washington alliance.

20/04/2017 11:00

US reviews «failed» Iran nuclear deal


US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson branded the Iran nuclear deal a failure Wednesday as President Donald Trump ordered a review of how Washington is countering the threat from Tehran.

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