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26/04/2017 12:25

Corea del Nord, gruppo navale Usa nel mar del Giappone. Il nuovo test potrebbe slittare

La tensione rimane alta nella penisola coreana, anche se il nuovo test missilistico di Pyongyang potrebbe slittare. Gli Usa, intanto, hanno inviato un gruppo navale nel mar del Giappone per rassicurare l'alleato

26/04/2017 11:23

Corea del Nord, Usa consegnano a Seul un nuovo sistema antimissili

Venti di guerra sempre più forti battono la penisola coreana. Gli Stati Uniti hanno cominciato la consegna alla Corea del Sud di un nuovo sistema di difesa missilistico

25/04/2017 09:35

North Korea marks military anniversary with firing drill


Nuclear-armed North Korea on Tuesday marked a military anniversary with a massive conventional firing drill, Seoul said, as a US guided-missile submarine docked in South Korea amid tensions over Pyongyang's weapons ambitions.

24/04/2017 19:16

Trump: UN should consider «stronger sanctions» on North Korea


The UN Security Council must be ready to impose tougher sanctions on North Korea over its nuclear and missile programs, US President Donald Trump said Monday, calling the status quo «unacceptable.»

24/04/2017 13:02

Corea del Nord e la grande minaccia agli Usa: vi cancelleremo dalla cartina geografica

Un sito ufficiale nordcoreano ha avvertito gli Stati Uniti che saranno cancellati dalla faccia della Terra se Washington innescasse una guerra sulla penisola

24/04/2017 12:16

American's detention an act of «flailing» North Korea leader: Haley


Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, on Monday called the detention of a US citizen by North Korea a display of muscle-flexing by the country's «flailing» leader.

24/04/2017 09:11

Xi urges «restraint» over North Korea as US carrier approaches


Chinese President Xi Jinping urged «restraint» over North Korea in a phone call with Donald Trump Monday, as Japan joined exercises with an American supercarrier heading to the Korean peninsula.

23/04/2017 08:01

Australia, New Zealand hit back at North Korea threat


Australia and New Zealand stiffened their rhetoric against North Korea Sunday after the isolated state threatened Canberra with a nuclear strike, urging it...

22/04/2017 15:35

Corea del Nord, esercitazione aerea Max Thunder tra Usa e Corea del Sud

In un momento di forti tensioni tra Stati Uniti e Corea del Nord, le forze aeree americane e sudcoreane hanno dato il via all'esercitazione congiunta "Max Thunder", che andrà avanti fino al 28 aprile 2017

22/04/2017 12:56

US supercarrier due in Sea of Japan «in days»: Pence


The US supercarrier Carl Vinson will arrive in the Sea of Japan in days, Vice President Mike Pence said Saturday, after days of mixed messages from Washington over the warship's whereabouts.

22/04/2017 06:51

New actor Trump heightens North Korea drama: analysts


Geopolitical tensions flare every spring on the Korean peninsula, but analysts say the anxiety of recent weeks has been magnified by the unpredictable new player in the annual drama: Donald Trump.

21/04/2017 15:41

Corea del Nord, ora la Russia mobilita le truppe al confine

Dopo settimane di tensione e l'interminabile braccio di ferro tra Pyongyang e Washington, la Russia starebbe muovendo le sue truppe al confine con la Nordcorea. Una mossa non ufficializzata dal Cremlino.

21/04/2017 12:21

UN Security Council threatens new sanctions on North Korea


The UN Security Council on Thursday strongly condemned North Korea's latest missile test and threatened to impose new sanctions against Pyongyang for its «highly destabilizing behavior.»

21/04/2017 06:23

Next South Korea leader to rein in Trump over North: analysts


When South Korea fills a presidential vacuum next month, analysts say the first order of business for its new leader will be to tame Donald Trump's aggressive approach towards the nuclear-armed North.

20/04/2017 19:16

Quel filo sottile che nei piani di Trump lega Siria, Afghanistan, Corea e Iran

L'ultimissima mossa dell'amministrazione Trump è stata quella di annunciare un cambio di passo decisivo con l'Iran. E dalla Siria all'Afghanistan, fino alla Corea del Nord, c'è un filo sottile che lega ciò che sta accadendo

20/04/2017 12:51

Russia blocks UN condemnation of North Korea missile test


Russia on Wednesday blocked UN Security Council condemnation of North Korea's latest missile test even though China had backed the strongly-worded statement put forward by the United States, diplomats said.

20/04/2017 12:46

US tries to clear waters after North Korea «armada» confusion


The Trump administration on Wednesday tried to clear the waters after it gave confusing messages concerning the whereabouts of a US supercarrier that supposedly was steaming toward North Korea last week.

20/04/2017 09:46

Pence vows «overwhelming» response to North Korea


The United States will counter any North Korean attack with an «overwhelming and effective» response, Vice President Mike Pence vowed Wednesday, as he stood on the deck of a massive American aircraft carrier docked in Japan.

20/04/2017 09:43

Kim family values on show at North Korea parade


Before tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians marched before him, along with some of the most fearsome weapons at his command, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and his audience were shown portraits of his grandfather and father.

19/04/2017 10:18

Corea del Nord, Usa: pronti a test missilistici. Guardian: Washington abbatterà missili nordcoreani

Continua il braccio di ferro tra Washington e Pyongyang, fatto di minacce e provocazioni, e sempre più vicino a sfociare in un vero scontro diretto

19/04/2017 06:41

US again puts faith in China to rein in North Korea


After a few days of saber-rattling, US President Donald Trump's administration has reverted to the same North Korea policy as its predecessor: relying on China to control Pyongyang.

19/04/2017 06:34

Trump's threatened «armada» still far from North Korea: official


An aircraft carrier the US Navy said was steaming toward the Korean Peninsula amid rising tensions has not yet departed, a US defense official acknowledged Tuesday.

19/04/2017 05:56

Trump praises China for helping on North Korea


US President Donald Trump praised China for its help in pressuring North Korea, while defending his softening stance on trade and other issues with the Asian giant, in an interview that aired Tuesday.

19/04/2017 05:29

Australia urges China to rein in «reckless» North Korea


China has an obligation to use its «enormous leverage» to bring nuclear-armed North Korea back from the brink, Australia's prime minister said Tuesday, toughening Canberra's position on the escalating crisis.

19/04/2017 05:24

Japan could rescue nationals in Korean crisis: defence chief


Japan will prepare to send troops to the Korean peninsula to protect its nationals there if a crisis requires their evacuation, its defence chief reportedly said Tuesday.

19/04/2017 01:58

US, China working «closely» on North Korea: Mattis


The United States and China are working «closely» together over North Korea, US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said on Tuesday, two days after a new missile test by Pyongyang.

18/04/2017 13:26

Corea del Nord, Pence: Kim non sfidi determinazione di Trump. Abe: soluzione pacifica

E' ancora alta la tensione tra Corea del Nord e Stati Uniti, con Pyongyang che non sembra disposta a rinunciare alle provocazioni, e l'amministrazione Trump determinata a porre fine all'era della 'pazienza strategica'

18/04/2017 06:22

Analysts try to identify North Korean failed missile type


The latest North Korean missile launch may have been of a new and hitherto unknown system being developed by Kim Jong-Un's regime, a weapons expert said Monday.

18/04/2017 06:13

Pence visits Tokyo to reaffirm security ties as North Korea tensions rise


US Vice President Mike Pence arrives in Tokyo on Tuesday bringing a renewed commitment to Japan's security amid a growing threat from a nuclear armed North Korea.

18/04/2017 05:52

Trump to North Korean leader: «Got to behave»


US President Donald Trump took a moment at the White House Easter egg roll Monday to deliver a terse message to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un: «Got to behave»

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